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galatians 5:22

cattoygirl in 1zoo4me

7/19/05, 8:51PM

Almost every slight sound, disturbance of the peace, startles the little fluttering ears of this lone bunny. The bunny I caught in the grounds of "sprinklers" all alone nibbling grass. This bunny knows I'm here, I'm sure of it, but let me in on this peaceable sight tongight. My noises - a cluster all at once - seem to not bother this fellow so much. This bunny hasn't run away or hidden. This bunny just watches me and the world go by: it's ironic that I've been here this long and the bunny has yet to leave. I'm willing to bet more than my lucky stars on it that this bunny is not in my zoo, but rather I am, and so is all other human thing, in its zoo. We just don't know it. We don't see doors, walls, or glass windows. This bunny is prolly waiting to get bored of me getting bored because it knows that I"m prolly gonna leave before it does. This is so humiliating, but I love it, that the bunny here - unlike others - is in more control than me!

Awhile earlier before coming here, I was standing at the sight of 2 innocent bunnies who nibbled away. They were very much sensitive to any sound that they ran to the bushes when people emerged loudly from the 2nd story of the building. Thus I had to leave to come here where the bunny is ever closer to me! Oh joy! But woe to the times when a guard must show and walk so heavily that the bunny retreats to a safe distance.

By God, I will return to this sight morrow night in hope of another fulfilling sight.

Good night little lone bunny! May moonlight wrap your dreams like mochi and pillow!


sno bunny

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